Establishing future-oriented training and qualification quality standards for fostering a broad uptake of sustainable energy skills in the European construction sector

Workshop announcement: Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction Sector 2.0

The Train4Sustain consortium and 9 sister projects (BUS League, HP4ALL, INSTRUCT, Pro-Heritage, nZEB Roadshow, ARISE, CraftEdu, BIMzeED, SEETheSkills) will present a brand new workshop on "Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction Sector 2.0" during the 9th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2021) on the 29th of September at 15:30 CEST.

This 90-minute virtual workshop joins together several EU projects to expose their approach (and/or results) and discuss potential synergies to stimulate future public and private investments in energy-based habitat renovation. The specific focus is to accelerate the training and certification of craftsmen in the construction and fitters’ industries and allow these sectors to fully embrace innovative technologies, products, and systems in the energy for buildings field. The objectives are to respond to the challenges of keeping pace with innovation and be more productive and collaborative thanks to appropriate training and skills building, that will be further instrumental in new services to asset owners and operators, and to eventually lead towards more resilient, high-quality, user-friendly and age-friendly living environments.

More information on the workshop here.

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