Establishing future-oriented training and qualification quality standards for fostering a broad uptake of sustainable energy skills in the European construction sector

Project partners

Geonardo is the project coordinator and the main responsible for the implementation of the platform (ESR). It leads WP1, is involved in all other work packages and has a special role in WP3.

"GEONARDO" is a combination of 'geology' and 'Leonardo', which represent the early sectoral focus of our company when it was founded, and the technological ingenuity and innovation of Leonardo da Vinci. Today, our team's expertise spans across the broader fields of energy, environment and sustainable development, and our mission is to solve complex societal challenges by providing cutting-edge solutions.

JER is specially involved in activities in the exploitation (WP5) and dissemination (WP6), mainly towards the private sector.

Dr. Jakob energy research is an SME consulting company based in Germany with a focus on research and product development as well as marketing, dissemination, education and training with a solid expertise in the fields of energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy technologies as well as climate engineering among others.

It takes part in setting up the methodology for the equivalence of qualifications, which is at the heart of the platform (ESR) set up. It also provides the scientific input to the GPP pilot and leads the start of standardisation processes in WP4.

iiSBE Italia R&D is a company established to provide iiSBE Italia Association with technical and operative support on research and development activities at national and international level.

It is involved mainly in WP2 and WP3, and plays a special role in dissemination towards the European constituency of training institutes and training bodies.

Institute for Professional Education of Construction Workers of the Province of Bologna was founded in 1947. It deals with the training of all professional building profiles to update - qualify - perfect workers in the sector, professionals and also young people not yet employed.

It has a special role in the setup and implementation of the public Green Procurement Pilot. It supports dissemination mainly towards public authorities.

Information, procedures and services of the Government of Catalonia. 

It intervenes in activities related to professionals qualifications (WP2-WP3) and in providing coordination of activities with the Prof TRAC initiative.


The order of architects in Bologna.

It is mainly involved in WP2 in the mapping phase and in dissemination and communication activities.

The Construction Quality Agency (AQC) is a non- profit association recognized in the general interest, whose vocation is the prevention of disorders and the improvement of the quality of construction. Created in 1982, its history has its roots in the system set up by the law of January 4, 1978, known as the “Spinetta law”, relating to liability and insurance in the field of construction.

Local Project Committees

Local Project Committees are a group of experts who work for local, regional or national organisations relevant to TRIAN4SUSTAIN (T4S) concept. They support T4S project objectives and three workshops in five countries will be organized therefore to connect them with T4S.

LPC France to come soon
LPC Germany to come soon
LPC Hungary to come soon
LPC Italy to come soon
LPC Spain to come soon

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