Establishing future-oriented training and qualification quality standards for fostering a broad uptake of sustainable energy skills in the European construction sector

Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction Sector Workshop 3.0

Train4Sustain will participate in the third workshop in the series "Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction Sector" at the 10th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2022) in Nice.

Join us on Friday, September 9 at 10:45 CET both in Nice and online!

The European construction sector is one of the areas with the highest potential when it comes to reducing annual energy consumption. Facing many challenges to achieve ambitious energy efficiency objectives, this sector aims to go forward by applying successful training initiatives and supporting policy instruments.

For this reason, the creation of BUILD UP Skills, an EU Initiative to improve the qualification and skills of Europe’s building workers, acted as a springboard to stimulate the demand for energy efficiency skills. Furthermore, focusing on the continuing education of craftsmen and other on-site building workers, this initiative is home to most of the projects presented during the Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction sector workshops 1.0 and 2.0. 

Together with six sister projects, INSTRUCTBUSLeaguePRO-HeritageARISESEEtheSkills and BusGoCircular, we will share expertise, lessons learned, and developed methodologies on energy efficiency skills competencies, and qualifications across the building design, operation, and maintenance value chain.



  9:00 - 9:15


  Luca Angelino

  European Commission

  9:15 - 9:30

  Workshop overview

  Mohaddeseh Maktabifard


  9:30 - 9:45

  PRO-Heritage project

  Gerald Wagenhofer


  9:45 - 10:00

  Train4Sustain project

  Uli Jakob


  10:00 - 10:15

  INSTRUCT project

  Lukasz Wilczynski


  10:15 - 10:30

  BUSLeague project

  Jan Cromwijk


  10:30 - 10:45

  The nZEB Roadshow project

  Horia Petran


  10:45  10:55


  10:55 - 11:10

  SEEtheSkils project

  Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska


  11:10 - 11:25

  ARISE project

  Paul McCormack


  11:25 - 11:40

  BUS-GoCircular project

  Jan Cromwijk


  11:40 - 11:55

  nZEB Ready project

  Horia Petran


  11:55 - 12:05   Q&A
  12:05 - 12:20

  Discussion, wrap-up and next steps

  Mohaddeseh Maktabifard


 12:20 - 12:30


  Luca Angelino

  European Commission


This workshop is a continuation of two previous Sustainable Energy Skills in the Construction Sector Workshop at SP2020 and SP2021.

Take a look at the complete event agenda and register now here.


Did you miss our session? The recording is now available here.