Establishing future-oriented training and qualification quality standards for fostering a broad uptake of sustainable energy skills in the European construction sector

Train4Sustain Competence Quality Standard

The T4S consortia has reached the first milestone of the project. The baseline for the Competence Quality Standard (CQS) has been laid down building upon the EU's R&I results and strategic frameworks (e.g. EU Level(s)) for the construction industry.

With the CQS it is possible to describe the Learning Outcomes for professions on a unified manner (in a structure), and communicate the competences across domains (environment, society, economy, processes). Would the description be used throughout the building life cycles, the CQS can be the base now for a European Skill Passport connected to procurements and contracting for maintenance, refurbishments and for new constructions.

The project partners will look for incorporating the feedbacks from industry professionals and peers and piloting the Skill Passport and a European Skills Registry in 2021.

That is our mission, stay tuned!