Establishing future-oriented training and qualification quality standards for fostering a broad uptake of sustainable energy skills in the European construction sector

Skilled building professionals, the EU Green Deal and the Build Up Skills initiative projects exchange meeting

With a buzz in the content and as „new-comers” TRAIN4SUSTAIN project consortium members took part in a, for us, first exchange meeting.

 Although serving the construction industry for more than a decade now these are exiting times. Europe goes very active in energy efficiency, integrating renewables and we are bound to be ultimately sustainable with our building stock as well.

9th of December

On the first day of the event it was exciting to hear and listen to policy officers talking on behalf of their respective Directorates what are the preparatory and ongoing activities that meant to help achieving the EUs targets by 2030. To get the EUs building stock energy efficient and sustainable in the future views of environment, comfort, technology and further “down” on the value chain manufacturing etc. shall appropriately be organized and skilled workers and professionals need to run the business. Further on in the program we have heard the “supply” and “demand” – training professionals and building users/owners – what are the ongoing actions and challenges on both sides e.g. economic downturn and quitting professionals, incentives and opportunities of building owners to deliver high quality renovations.

10th of December

The Build Up Skills initiative “phase 3” is taking the challenge to close the gaps and support all actors along the value chain providing trainings, services etc. with a goal to help public and private players in creating the right demand for skilled building professionals who can deliver high quality buildings (supply). TRAIN4SUSTAIN project is now in the group of projects that intend to “shape” the supply by promoting state-of-the-art technologies and methods (Life cycle analysis) and the corresponding skills of professionals who are able to install or implement all the hard/firmware at a good quality. The supply needs to be connected with the demand. Boosting the acceptance of sustainability principles (linked technologies and skills) when constructing or renovating a building is a great challenge. We have learned what the previous and ongoing projects are planning to achieve so now we can steer the wheels with good confidence and implement – cooperatively – the project for the benefit of the society.